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"Dr. Emily is an exceptional audiologist who did a fantastic job listening to my hearing needs. I have been wearing hearing aids for 25 years and when I went to see her she gave me an examination that I had never been through. Her conclusion from her examination was that she recommended a cochlear implant. She also helped with a hearing aid for my other ear. The hearing aid I got was bluetooth device that is 100% better than any hearing aid I have ever received. I hear sounds so much clearer and better. If you are in need of hearing aids I recommend you see Dr. Emily."

Michael Kondilas

"I was a client of Dr. Emily Domingue before she formed Nautilus Hearing. She so impressed me I decided she would be my audiologist from now on. Dr. Domingue is friendly, professional, and the nicest person I've ever had the experience of dealing with in the medical profession. Her staff is fantastic also! She is so knowledgeable for the hearing impaired I would recommend her to anyone needing a hearing aid. Once you have your hearing aids, Nautilus Hearing does an amazing job with their continued support."

Nyle Trimble

" I am a patient and friend of Dr. Emily Domingue. She is a professional who cares about her patients. I had a cochlear implant implanted about a year ago and she has been exemplary in making sure all is functioning as well as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Emily and her very capable assistant Brandi. They have gone overboard to make me comfortable with my hearing devices.

Joe Lesley

My experience at Nautilus Hearing Clinic in Spanish Fort, Alabama, was an exceptionally-positive one! I've now been to the clinic three times and came away every time totally happy and satisfied. When I first came in, I hadn't had a hearing test in about 40 years, and was feeling tentative and a little negative about the possibility of having to wear hearing aids ("I'm too young for that!" I told myself). But "Dr. Emily" and her assistant, Brandi Snyder, totally put me at my ease. They explained that hearing loss can occur in even quite young people. Their testing was thorough, and they explained in great detail what the post-hearing test chart meant. They also gave me all my options, so I could read about them and make a good decision.
I now have hearing aids and am totally comfortable with them. When they outfitted me with the hearing aids, the office staff made sure they synced with my cell phone, and showed me how to adjust the hearing aids, depending on situation (such as in a meeting or a crowded restaurant, etc.).
They are very caring and professional, and you will be so glad you went to see them!

Theresa Lacey

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