What are Real Ear Measurements (REM) and why are they important? 

Have you sat in front of your audiologist while they performed measurements on your hearing devices? If your answer is no, your hearing devices may not be programmed accurately or to their full potential. These measurements, also called Real Ear Measurements are imperative for a successful fitting of hearing devices.

By placing a microphone probe in your ear, REM allows your audiologist to measure how your ear affects the volume and pitch of the hearing aid.

Using REM along with your hearing test allows the audiologist to program the hearing aid so that it is appropriately suited for the size and shape of your ear as well as your specific hearing loss.

Nautilus Hearing takes pride in following "evidence based practices". Peer review studies reveal that Real Ear Measurements (REM) are the "gold standard" of a hearing aid fitting. Without these measurements there is no way for an audiologist to accurately program a hearing aid. 

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